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Sources of Funding

As a charitable trust, Healthwise is funded by enthusiastic members of the community who are dedicated to providing this much-needed and long-awaited service. We gratefully acknowledge the support of all the individuals, groups and corporate members of the community who have sponsored Healthwise with a donation, either financially or with their valuable time.

Our Venue

Healthwise gratefully acknowledges Matilda International Hospital for providing the use of Granville House.

Our Board of Trustees

Healthwise is a non-profit making charity registered in Hong Kong since 1997.

Our board of trustees consists of the following seven members:

Dr Lucy Lord (Chairperson)  
Mrs. Desiree Jebsen Mrs. Jackie Lam-Tung
Dr. Richard Lo Dr. Carl Fung
Mrs. Virginia Reading Mrs. Anne Witt

Our Honorary Advisers

Healthwise would like to thank our honorary professional advisers for offering their valuable time and expert advice on our legal, insurance and accounting matters.

Company Consultants
Herbert Smith (Legal) Fran Pryor
Ernst & Young (Accountant) Ken Wong, Danny Siaw

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