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Using our Medical Library

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday - 9.30am to 4.00pm
Closed on public holidays

Healthwise services are provided free to the public. Please enquire Healthwise staff on resources available for your topic of interest.

Library Regulations
In order to maximize utilization of our resources for the benefit of everyone, we appeal to our users to observe the following rules:

Refundable deposit
A refundable deposit (as below) is necessary on all borrowed items, and will be fully refunded on return of these items on or before the specified due date:
- $200 per book / video
- $100 per journal / audio tape

Borrowing Period
Resources may be borrowed for a period of 2 weeks. If the return date falls on a weekend or public holiday, please return the borrowed item on the following working day.

Renewal of Borrowing Period
Resources may be renewed for one borrowing period (2 weeks), depending on demand for individual resources. Please make request on or before the due date. No additional deposit is required.

Late Return
Penalty for late return : $20 per day / $100 per week

The full deposit will be forfeited if the resource is not returned within two weeks of the due date.

With the assistance of Healthwise staff, photocopies of certain resources may be made. Please be reminded that copyright rules apply.

Cost for photocopying:
- $0.50 per A4 page
- $1.00 per A3 page

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