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It is generally recognized and accepted that patients should be directly involved in making decisions on health care issues. Providing access to such information will help them make informed choices. Communications between doctors and their patients will also be improved if patients have a better understanding of their own conditions.

Some information is currently available through printed books or leaflets. Although this information can provide a useful start, it is unlikely to cover all topics, be totally up-to-date or cater for the particular needs of a multi-national community. When patients are struggling to come to terms with a newly diagnosed condition, attempting to source for relevant and suitable information may be frustrating.

Where important information is mostly available in English, Healthwise aims to prepare more diverse informational leaflets in Chinese to fill the gap. This is made possible with the help of our enthusiastic editorial board of doctors from different specialties, who volunteered to offer their valuable time and expert advice on relevant fields of interest. Additional information on local resources and support groups will also be compiled and provided by Healthwise on a continual basis.

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